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Commercial Handrails

Although the majority of our work is residential, we also provide interior and exterior aluminum handrails and stair railings for commercial properties.  Any prepared architect’s drawings can be faxed to our office for a free estimate. A site visit can be arranged once all construction and masonry work at the installation site is completed.

Residential Handrails

All railings are custom fabricated to fit our clients’ particular needs. Feel free to browse through our picture gallery to see many samples of our work.  If you have seen a railing in your travels that is not shown, we would be happy to work with you to recreate it for your home. Railings are generally priced by the linear foot with installation included. New railings should be installed in masonry which is structurally sound: no loose bricks or cracks near the potential drilling sites on the treads. Please call us for a free estimate when the site is ready to be measured.